Sunday, 10 April 2011

Counterfeit Wine

 Everyone has heard about counterfeiting, money mainly, but I came across an article on the BBC website the other about a very good Australian Wine, Jacob’s Creek, being counterfeited.

Apparently hundreds of fake bottles of the best selling Australian wine has been seized by officers in England and Wales.

The first counterfeits were discovered in February and more have been found at various locations around England and Wales since then.  They are thought to have come from China and although the label appears to be identical there is a spelling mistake on the rear of the label – Australia is spelt Austrlia.

I am sure that this is effecting the Jacob’s Creek brand name immensely with a very low quality and taste, as a lover of wine I have tried Jacob’s Creek wines over the years and found them to be of a very high standard and quality.

The article said that this is the first time that a well know brand has been counterfeited and it has come as a shock to everyone involved, even the retailers who were selling the counterfeit wine.  What is the world coming to if we can’t trust our favourite wine to be the real deal.  This is not good for all of the wine lovers out there.

I hope that the authorities can catch the people behind this counterfeit ring and bring them to justice, we don’t need our very good Australian wine getting a bad reputation the world over.  If this is the first of it’s kind, where next will they strike, if not caught soon.

Everyone keep an eye out and report anything that you may think suspicious to the authorities.

Don’t let this story put you off your wine, happy drinking all and enjoy your wine.

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